Migration to the cloud, RZ relocation, carve-out or Integration: king discipline not only for experts

Developed from real life situations, the AAA process model for the cloud migration & transformation of the RZ. The dates and the new suppliers are fixed. But what needs to be sent? How do you have to travel, what approach to minimize risk? Where do you start? How do I best involve those responsible?

This could be used to define the task ahead of the managers of migration to the cloud or a new RZ. Now relocation experts are asked. Integrating individual systems into the ecosystem of the IT landscape and migrating existing processes is a major challenge. To ensure the day-to-day operation is of outmost importance at this point. To some, this seems to be an impossible task. And this will require new teams to be able to work in new roles. New responsibilities and processes must be implemented. How do you do this without a full crash? This is where we support you with our experience from infrastructure transformations in recent years – gathered at the largest IT prov-iders and customers. We develop low risk procedures with graduated phases and project content. We support the major task of re-organizing the existing process landscape. We draw on our experience in:

Analysis of necessary adjustments for the relocation or move to the cloud

Detailed analysis of each object with its dependencies and interfaces

Security and compliance

Implementation concept for each object

Transformation plan for individual objects

Preparation of the process organization

Provision of cloud infrastructure

Migration or transformation

Transformation of objects

Cloud computing testing

Advanced support


Cloud operations

Training of the operations team

Handover to the operations team

Supporting the operations team

Decommission of the old system

Balanced sourcing of IT services

Choosing to outsource is arguably the fastest and simplest solution- similar to selling parts of the business..
outsource problems and responsibilities …
In such cases, it is irrelevant for the management, which understandably needs and wants to focus on the areas that it sees as promising, whether it has carried out a detailed analysis of the part of the company concerned. In such cases, the management shall endeavor to achieve the highest possible output (in sales as a sales proceeds) with the lowest possible effort!

An outsourcing project behaves exactly the same: In recent years, the chief executive has had the „sense“ that IT is not being properly controlled, projects are becoming more expensive, deadlines are not met/respected, and users are unhappy/dissatisfied.

Therefore it is beyond doubt that
the majority of IT projects and cooperations with external partners and consultants are in the end different from what was originally planned:
The result often differs from expectations.
In this context, the question is whether such projects are automatically successful only by outsourcing?
In the last few years, a trend towards standardization and cleaning up of the „application zoo“ has therefore started for many users. Systems will be consolidated and standardized, manufacturers will be forced to introduce standardized interfaces where this has not yet been done.
The threat to IT service providers: The trend towards standardization with applications such as SAP and Microsoft does not reveal any potential for differentiation in the face of competition, the individual contribution of IT to future success is not obvious.
In addition to this, there are currently continuous negative reports in the IT industry. So the CEO is uncertain, has no confidence and a lack of transparency is present.

These developments therefore raise many questions – here the CIO is in demand! With our analysis and the subsequent concept of balanced sourcing, show support you and try to provide answers.

By using sourcing concepts, the company’s competitiveness will be increased.
Studies show: supply chains are increasingly being handed over to specialists. The supply chain in German companies will continue to decline, values of 20% and less will soon become norm.

Successful companies, such as the small and medium-sized Krone Group (agricultural machinery and truck trailers), demonstrate their leading position in a highly competitive market. The Krone Group, with its value added of just 12%, proves that Germany with smart management, has a future as a manufacturing location.

By outsourcing individual process chains – classic examples here are distribution, call centers, development services, the entire IT operation or IT projects, clearly defined tasks can be handed over to the most diverse service providers.

The trend towards outsourcing is ubiquitous
In addition to cost efficiency, this business model ensures an increase in current professional know-how, as well as maximum flexibility. Nevertheless: Practice has shown that there are often good reasons not to outsource or even to get back already outsourced parts of business. We support the development of a sourcing strategy, develop a catalog of criteria with our clients, analyze the capacity of the sub-divisions to outsource, develop a migration plan and implement change management.
To this end in particular, we have developed concepts and selection lists to support German companies in introducing and selecting suppliers.
Our consulting services include:

Definition of outsourcing projects
Determination of the calculation and monitoring of performance
Selection of suitable suppliers
Control and monitoring of the selection process
Contract negotiation and implementation of SLA rules
Continuous monitoring and adaptation
We describe our services in detail on the following pages.

With our partners in Eastern Europe and India, we have been able to manage outsourcing projects in this environment since 2002 and ensure that our customers’ needs are met.

Analysis of IT organization, existing contractual relations and cost structures
Why do I need internal IT?
What do I already get from IT providers within my own IT organization?
More importantly: What do I get from non-IT service providers?
More specifically:
Where do I need my own IT, which are the general functions that I can obtain externally in a cost efficient manner?
Can I, as an IT handler/leader, outline a strategy and perspective on how costs develop?
Can I show how I can contribute to the company’s success in the future (the distributor has it very easily..).
In short: often the IT (department?) is lacking visibility within the business. The focus remains too technical, too problem-oriented and in most cases transparency over running costs is lacking.

One Theme, Endless Possibilities and much more is coming in the next updates.

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Wir orientieren uns daher an der Kurzzeitmethodik im Rahmen des lösungsorientierten Coachings.
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Im Dialog zwischen Coach und Klient werden neue Ebenen eröffnet und Klärungen initiiert, Entwicklungspotenziale und Handlungsspielräume erschlossen, Lern- und Veränderungsprozesse angeregt und begleitet.

In unserer Coaching-Praxis haben sich Einheiten im 1-2 Monatsrhythmus bewährt, da sie genug Zeit und Raum lassen um mit der gewonnen Distanz und neuer Perspektive tiefer in die Thematik einzutauchen.

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