Business Angel and Incubator

A brilliant business idea deserves passion

We look after the structure, the finances and the organization.

We have experience from past business start-ups in the B2B sector as participators and business angels (??). Over the years, we have gone though good and bad times, which is why we are always grounded, keeping these experiences in mind when planning short term with visual contact /with goals in sight (???). While in the long run we like to take a visionary approach.

We want to help young digital business model companies to enter the market quickly and at low risk, in order to conquer, scale up and disrupt the world market as a next step.

by combining your brilliant idea and our experience, we create a win-win situation. With contacts, energetic specialists and the chic office at Lilienhof Coworking, together with heart blood, we are creating the basis for innovation/the new (?). Together we develop an entrepreneurial culture while enjoying work and based on trust (and speed). All of this is to be financed, also in combination with venture capital.

We help people with a product to define the potential market and assess the potential/possible options for entering the market. Together we develop a first/ an initial vision and develop a business strategy with a focus on digitalization.

We think different/out of the box/ We are rethinking

We are always looking for a challenge

We keep questioning/asking and making sure we get the right focus

We believe in sustainability

We know the key to success lays in knowledge and passion /We know the keys to success are knowledge and passion

We see this as a unique opportunity in the sense of David against Goliath.

We love disruptive ideas that challenge entire industries

We are fundamentally rethinking industries and turning our/your (?) ideas into viable business models

We don’t just quickly copy, and an exit is just an option.

One Theme, Endless Possibilities and much more is coming in the next updates.

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Our Process

We are therefore guided by the short-term methodology within the framework of solution-oriented coaching.
The focus is on your professional and private life skills and support in developing your social roles and relationships, strengthening your decision-making and action base.

In the dialogue between coach and client, new levels are opened up and clarifications are initiated, development potentials and room for manoeuvre are opened up, learning and change processes are stimulated and accompanied.

In our coaching practice, units have proven themselves every 1-2 months, as they leave enough time and space to delve deeper into the topic with the distance gained and a new perspective.

As part of this process, you will get to know your strengths and potentials better, expand them and use them in a targeted manner.

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